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Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Wednesday (23.4.2014)

The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Collection.) von Sara Alexi

Sara Alexi weaves an entrancing story of the burgeoning relationship that develops between two people from very different backgrounds and cultures, an English woman living in Greece and the Pakistani illegal immigrant who becomes her gardener and house boy. Each comes with their own problems, their own past baggage, and… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Tuesday (22.4.2014)

Any Meat In That Soup? (Sam Darling Mystery #2) von Jerilyn Dufresne

When a man falls down at Samantha Darling’s feet, she thinks it’s pretty funny. But she stops joking when he turns up dead.

Social worker and would-be crime-solver Sam is busy trying to unravel the mystery as the death toll keeps mounting. She’s thrilled to be hired by… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Saturday (19.4.2014)

Sandcastle Kisses: A Billionaire Love Story von Krista Lakes

When Isabel Baker agreed to moonlight as a bartender at a private party, she never imagined she’d get anything more than tips. However, on this resort island, nothing was ever that simple.

After tending bar with the deliciously handsome Noah who was flown in for the party, Izzy realized that she… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Friday (18.4.2014)

Airel: The Awakening (Book 1: Part 1 in the Airel Saga) (Young Adult Paranormal Romance) von Aaron Patterson und Chris White

AIREL is a young adult paranormal romance about the angel Kreios who falls so deeply in love with a woman that he chooses to fall from heaven to be with her. She gives birth to a daughter in Arabia,… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Thursday (17.4.2014)

Hide and Seek von P.S. Brown

An unforeseen school reunion sparked by the death of a childhood friend quickly turns into a living nightmare for Peter Stevenson. Waking the day after, he finds his friends missing, his possessions gone, and himself placed at the centre of a game of hide and seek.

Yet this is no ordinary game – like… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Wednesday (16.4.2014)

Solstice von Damian Stevenson

In this disturbing new eBook novella by thriller master Damian Stevenson, a young woman with a history of mental illness descends into madness when her missing boyfriend is declared by all to be a figment of her imagination.

Dana March is thrust into a game of shadows where nothing is what it seems and she must… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Tuesday (15.4.2014)

Everville: The First Pillar von Roy Huff

Owen Sage is the emblematic college freshman at Easton Falls University. With all the worries about his first year in college, he was not prepared for what would happen next. His way of life was flipped upside down when he mysteriously crossed into another dimension, into the beautiful land of Everville. His excitement… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Monday (14.4.2014)

The Diver (Silo Submerged) von WJ Davies

What would you do if the world you lived in was a lie? Where every birth required a death, and those in charge stopped at nothing to achieve complete control?

When Ace’s actions send the lives of thousands into turmoil, the people of the silo will have to make some very difficult decisions.… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Sunday (13.4.2014)

Gridlock: A Scientific Thriller von Alvin Ziegler

Name: Jude Wagner
Vocation: Computer Expert
Specialty: Cyber Attacks
Base of Operation: Stanford & Consulting to San Francisco FBI
Availability: Worldwide

Jude Wagner should be on top of the world. His computer code unlocks mankind’s greatest scientific discovery–the human genome. Leveraging a vast computer network (that really exists), Stanford now can interpret an… Weiterlesen

Free eBooks & Kindle Deals for Saturday (12.4.2014)

The Runner (Silo Submerged) von WJ Davies

“We all have a reason for being here, we’re just not sure what it is.”

Time is running out. As the Great Flood threatens to consume the silo, Ace and a team of divers are in a desperate battle to avert disaster. When a terrible accident destroys the person he cares about most,… Weiterlesen

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